Birth Matters!

Thinking and preparing for birth is about much more than working to eliminating pain, birth is one of life’s peak experiences. Get excited about birth and learn how to put the pieces together to experience a birth in which you feel educated, supported, inspired, and confident! As a childbirth education, doula, and student midwife on Nantucket I will help you approach birth without fear.

Birth is a transforming experience. Not only does your family grow but as a woman you learn about what is important to you, for your baby, and in your relationships. I believe that each woman has something unique to learn from her birth. I have personally experienced and witnessed the emotional, psychological, and spiritual impact birth has on women and families. Through childbirth education classes and as a doula on Nantucket, I work to inspire moms and their partners to give birth in a way that feels right and safe to you.

In childbirth education classes we will look at how breathing through a contraction can help to manage the intensity, learn about the importance of productive labor positions to facilitate the descent of the baby and add in your comfort, and work to develop positive mental imagery for relaxation. You will also learn what to expect during each phase of labor, how to avoid an unnecessary cesarian section, how to approach a needed cesarian birth mindfully, how to succeed at breastfeeding, and what life looks like in the early days postpartum. As your doula we will work to identify what is important to you during birth and bring the information discussed together into action during the birth of your baby. As a student midwife I work and study with Sybille Andersen, CPM to support your birth at home.

The birth of a baby represents the birth of a family.

The woman giving birth and the people significant to her are forming new relationships with new responsibilities to each other, to the baby, and to society as a whole. It is my privilege as a doula, childbirth educator, and student midwife to support women and their partners in this process and to help you approach birth and parenting mindfully. I am passionate about offering women and the people important to you a satisfying and peaceful birth experience and the skills to parent with confidence.

I am able to travel! I have assisted at births on Cape Cod and Boston. Please feel free to contact me for further information. I look forward to hearing from you!