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My path to midwifery care.

I am currently offering midwifery care as a primary caregiver student midwife under the supervision of the midwives at Birth Matters.

I am a student midwife working on my associates of midwifery degree through the MEAC accredited National College of Midwifery. In addition I travel to work at birth centers in Utah and attend home births on the Cape. I have attended over 150 births at Nantucket Cottage hospital and about 100 out of the hospital at home and in birth centers.

My career path has been long, winding, and scenic. I knew after the birth of my daughter in 1998 what I wanted to do. After becoming a mother I was eager to support women in their transition to motherhood. I joined and then became certified with La Leche League as a leader in 2001. I went on to become an internationally certified childbirth educator (ICCE) in 2007 through ICEA, a certified birth doula CD(DONA) in 2009, certified in Neonatal Resuscitation in 2009, and an EMT (B) in 2012.

I have been teaching childbirth education classes privately and at the Nantucket Cottage Hospital since 2007. I have studied with Birthing From Within, Spinning Babies, Mindful Birthing, and Sacred Pregnancy in order to offer options in prenatal education and labor support.

I am also the director of a local non-profit that offers sexual and reproductive health services to all genders, WIC (Women, Infant, and Children) nutritional support, and young parents support services.

Get to know me in this podcast interview with Nantucket’s Inside the Whale:

What I believe...

Throughout my career, my greatest teachers have been the families I have worked with. I know that every one’s situation is unique and people have pasts that influences the decisions they make. The balance in relationships between partners and in families influences choices that are made together for the baby. Pregnancy and birth can be a highlight of a birthing person’s life.

I honor and respect the important roles of the individuals in a family and I work to educate and support each family’s unique vision of birth and parenting. I support to you give birth without fear and parent with confidence. 

Planning for and giving birth is about much more than eliminating pain. Giving birth in the 21 century means making informed decisions based on knowledge of alternatives. We must rediscover and trust that giving birth is an innate capability. We must also be mindful that birth is also about the baby’s journey to earth. Birth should be protected, honored, and celebrated.

I am constantly updating my services, learning more, and searching for better ways to serve island families. Please feel free to contact me. I would love to talk to you about your pregnancy, plans for labor, and help you learn how to be a confident parent to your baby.