Newborn Care

Well, a month in Utah, the worst plane ride of my life, a bus, a boat, and too many hours without sleep sent me over the edge. Last week I had to call “Uncle!” The Newborn Care Class that was scheduled to be held last Tuesday had to be postponed. The glorious head cold I caught got the better of me. The good news is I am going to win and kick its butt. Which means Newborn Care class will be held next Tuesday as well as the week after. This means if you meant to sign up for this great free class but didn’t get a chance to you now have that chance! Class is almost completely full so don’t wait.

We will cover much of what you’ll want to know the first few weeks: nursing, bottle feeding, nighttime parenting, meeting your needs as a partner and adult, bathing your baby, what’s normal and what’s not, when to call the doctor, how to soothe a fussy baby, and more! You can’t know it all but this class certainly will help balance expectations and reality.

Sign up online or send me an email. I hope to see you soon.