Postpartum Belly Binding

belly bindI am so excited to be offering this new service! The postpartum belly bind is great for new mothers to use during their postpartum healing period. Ideal use is for first 45 days following birth.


• Supports skin & muscles of a woman’s midsection after having a baby.
• A doctor’s perspective: The vertical abdominal muscles separate during pregnancy to allow the belly to expand and accommodate the growing baby, leaving a large gap in between those muscles after birth. This is called Diastasis Recti. Using a Belly Binding or some sort of compression garment would help reverse the adverse impact of diastasis recti on the body, as it holds those muscles together in their proper place, facilitating faster healing.
• Accelerates overall postpartum healing process, leaving mom feeling better. Well cared for mom = well cared for baby.
• Helps to gently persuade abdominal wall muscles come together
• Offers back support
• Assists with proper posture
• Holds in loose or stretched skin (sometimes hanging skin) in place helping it return to pre-pregnancy state and also prevents gravity from stretching loose skin further
• Protects & assists swollen internal organs return to their pre-pregnant shape
• Helps slim the belly, hips and ribcage
• Reduces postpartum bleeding time by speeding up waste blood removal
• Feels wonderful, looks great
• Improves circulation, breaks down fat and cellulite
• Helps with warming of the body, which increases circulation (supported with the use of a postpartum firming paste containing warming herbs)
• With increased circulation, better oxygenation to skin which improves skin quality
• Relieves water and air retention
• Stabilizes loosened ligaments
• Helps close ribcage and hips to pre-pregnancy dimensions with constant compression and support
• Great for C-Section healing (moms can be wrapped after the incision heals around 6 weeks postpartum)
• Support torso while vital organs return to their pre-pregnancy size and position
• Constant compression helps the uterus shrink faster, which makes for a flatter belly
• Constant pressure can also result in body shaping, muscle memory and reduction of stretch marks.
• Helps expedite fluids through the body’s system
• Helps stabilize the pelvic floor and support the spine
• Compresses small blood vessels and capillaries to help flush body fluids away from the skin, minimize bruising and reduce edema (swelling)
• Compresses the stomach, hips and waist, which have all expanded during pregnancy
• Helps shrink the belly waist and hips
• When the belly bind is used with products like skin creams, essential oils or the Belly Firming Paste, the bind helps to keep the product on the skin and penetrating the pores, and it also prevents the products that have been applied from evaporating
• Brings warmth to pelvic area/abdomen, which is a sealing practice that completes a full circle for the new mom. Birth is an opening experience that needs to be “closed” or “sealed” as a way of honoring all the work the new mom has done and to welcome the new role in her life as a new mom.
• Helps mom to feel “held” and “warmed/wrapped”, which contributes to her physical & emotional well-being
I want every woman and especially new moms to feel proud of their bodies. Our bodies are amazing and can grow, birth, nourish, and nurture a new life! We need support too and a postpartum wrap is a great way to feel supported physically and emotionally. If you are interested in a wrap for you or someone you love, please let me know. I offer wraps for sale or for rent. Throw in a little belly firming paste handmade by me or a postpartum tuck in warming ceremony and you have a beautiful postpartum gift for a new mom.